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Circular saws are an essential part of any tool kit for professionals and novices alike. Portable and flexible, they are designed to cut a wide range of materials, whether you're doing yard work or building cabinetry. Choose from corded and cordless options to find the right equipment for your style.

Toss the old hand saw and get more done with a powerful and efficient new circular saw from Sears. A compact circular saw is great for small projects around the house and the garage. These smaller cutters include many of the same features as their larger counterparts, but take up much less space for storage and transportation. Bigger jobs call for a bigger electric circular saw. Corded and battery-powered models feature ergonomic handles and bevel scales for angled cuts.

Swap out the interchangeable circular saw blades for cutting different materials, including lumber, tile and concrete. You'll even find circular saws with premium features like integrated dust blowers that keep the line of cut sawdust free or built-in LED lights so that you can stay focused and cut with precision. Build the tool collection of your dreams with a new power circular saw, power drill and other dependable equipment from Sears.

Skip Navigation Sears home. Makita Circular Saws on Sale 52 items. Refine Your Search clear all Your Selections:. Brand Makita. New Arrivals. Current Offers. User Ratings. Minimum Rating. Page 1 Page 2.

How's your shopping experience on this page?Recon Sale! Price reflects discount on this item! Factory Reconditioned products have been returned to the manufacturer and are restored to like-new operating condition. They go through a rigorous testing and inspection process and offer a significant savings vs. We know that you'll love your recon tool, so we're giving you an industry leading days to try it risk-free.

In future I will check CPO first ". Quite a few of them are used for full blown production use. The reliability of these tools is as good as new and the price is something like half - why not take advantage?

I purchased two referbished products a 18ga narrow crown stapler and 16ga finish nailer, and one new product brad nailer. My next purchase will be a full head framing nailer. I highly recommend CPO". CPO stands behind what they sell. I feel I can buy risk free, and if there is a problem CPO will set up and make it right. Quantities limited. See product page for details. Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start.

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Chainsaw Tool Only. Exclusive Retailer of Craftsman Reconditioned Products. Combo Kit Flash Sale. It's not a matter of if, but when. Top Selling Categories. Air Compressors. Shop All.

Makita Circular Saws on Sale

Same performance vs. No let down here. Shop Now. Top Selling Brands. Customer feedback "It showed up fast works great and good price I am very happy. I highly recommend CPO" -Jerry. Sign up now. Exclusions apply.Listing of store locations and hours. Where to buy Makita in Massachusetts. Official Website www.

makita outlet store locations

Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Auburn. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Avon. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Bellingham. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Boston. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Bridgewater. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Brockton.

Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Canton. Makita Dealer - Newman Associates in Canton. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Chelsea. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Chicopee.

Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Danvers. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Everett. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Greenfield. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Hyannis. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Leominster. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Mansfield. Makita Dealer - Medco Tool in Mansfield. Makita Dealer - Home Depot in Marlborough.With a new cordless drill that can go just about anywhere, home improvements and remote jobs have never been easier.

These versatile drilling tools are a must-have for any tool collection. Whether you're a novice craftsman building your first workshop in the garage or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, the right battery-powered drill can help you tackle all sorts of tasks. Drilling holes, driving screws and fastening bolts is a heck of a lot easier with your very own top-of-the-line cordless power drill.

The best part of owning a cordless drill is that you'll no longer be tied to an outlet. Powerful lithium-ion batteries can be charged quickly and are built to last.

Charge an extra power tool battery and keep it onhand to tackle all-day projects away from an outlet. For especially tough jobs, reach for a high-torque impact driver.

Makita 18V LXT Brushless Drywall Screwdriver and Cut-Out Tool Combo Kit - XT255M

Mechanics and professional craftsman trust these powerful drills to stand up to demanding jobs inside and out. Cordless hammer drills provide spinning and driving force and are ideal for masonry and automotive work.

No matter which style is right for you, the ergonomic handles will help keep you feeling comfortable and capable all day long. Do more with a new cordless drill, saw, sander and other power tools from Sears in your tool box. Skip Navigation Sears home. Makita Cordless Drills on Sale 96 items. Refine Your Search clear all Your Selections:. Brand Makita.

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Battery Voltage. Chuck Size. Current Offers. User Ratings. Minimum Rating. New Arrivals. Page 1 Page 2.From simple power tools for home improvements to specialized gardening tools, Makita proves that it has an impressive arsenal of power tools at your disposal.

Read about Makita Philippines here. Tools have came a long way from traditional hammers, manual drills and saws. To cope with great demands for faster, stronger and more efficient power tools, Makita Philippines offers the best products for consumers and professionals alike. Founded in by Mosaburo Makita in Nagoya Japan, the brand kicked off with selling and repairing lighting fixtures, transformers, motors, and small construction equipment. Looking for faster and safer alternatives, the company developed a D battery-powered drill in - a revolutionary feat which is the first of its kind.

From there, the company quickly gained traction through various innovations, incorporating cutting-edge technology in tool making. Today, Makita is one of the most recognized power tools manufacturers around the world and operates across different countries including Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Romania, Germany and the United States, employing over 13, individuals across the globe.

When it comes to exceptional power tools that can carry the day, Makita tools are engineered for excellent performance. Being the first Japanese company that made and sold electric planers inMakita has already been pioneering several key innovations since its establishment in Originally founded as a an electric motor sales and repair company, Makita subsequently started to sell and repair transformers and lighting equipment.

Later, Makita exported its electric generators and motors to the Soviet Union in As mentioned earlier, Makita was the first Japanese company that sold electric planers with its first batch of units that transformed how the carpenters work in their trade.

In the following year, Makita has emerged as an electric power tool manufacturer after realizing that it could have done more in providing such helpful instruments that could save more time and increase productivity at the same time.

Within a decade, Makita has been exporting its tools to various countries as well as coming out with its first rechargeable power tool, the Makita D battery-powered drill. InMakita showcased its new rechargeable driver-drill, Makita D which was its first nickel hydride battery tool at the Chicago Hardware Show. Never be the one that would rest on its laurels, Makita then released Makita TDD, the first lithium ion battery tool. Slowly but surely, Makita founded its own companies and factories in several countries in order to meet the growing demands of its popular products.

Having released and developed over personal and industrial use power tools in more than a century, Makita is one of the established brands that provide exceptional power tools.

Makita has a long history of creating and innovating tools for consumers and professionals. With over years of industry experience, the company knows exactly what their customers want in terms of convenience, safety and usability.

Each of their products is designed and constructed with the finest materials, making it last longer than conventional brands. Another reason why you should choose Makita Philippines is its superior battery technology, increasing its capacity and decreasing its charge time. Rigorous and extensive testing has also been done to ensure the safety and durability of all products from Makita, making it a brand of choice for many professionals worldwide.

Talking about quality, Makita is strict when it comes to producing power tools that can do their jobs without much trouble. In order to make this possible, Makita intentionally uses only high grade materials for its motors, wiring and other essential machinery. For example, Makita uses high quality steel armature shafts and gears in all of its power tools.

As a result, these power tools become longer lasting in their usage as they do not breakdown easily. Normally, the extreme heat will cause your tool to slowdown significantly or in worst cases, breakdown.

However, the durability of its wiring means that Makita tools can do their jobs despite under extreme heat. Dedicated in making sure that its products are able to work to the fullest of their capabilities, Makita runs 19 quality checks on every model before releasing and shipping it. As if that is not enough, Makita goes as far as to conduct another 3 minutes final run test to ensure that its tools are able to give spectacular performances as expected.

Moreover, Makita continues to push its tools to their limits whenever possible in order to rectify any weaknesses. Such dedication can be found in Makita's heritage as a repairer and restorer of tools.

As all of these tests are crucial in maintaining the quality and performance of its products, Makita wants its products to be able to deliver the quality as advertised. In other words, you will be surprised to find out that you are able to experience that amazing performance shown by Makita products in your own eyes. Ranging from the simple power drill to industrial grade power tools, Makita has been manufacturing an astonishing array of power tools that are well regarded by its users for being simple and reliable.

Amazingly, Makita even describe its power tools as easy to use that you actually have the free time to do the things you love after finishing your job.

All Makita power tools boast incredible traits such as mechanical efficiency and surge durability, making them to be show powerful performance while being safe to use at the same time. Not only that, Makita products are cost effective for their top performances and excellent build qualities.Of particular note, prices achieved for several lots were higher than those listed by merchants and brokers for comparable wines. This scenario is often indicative of a heating market, as the most coveted wines usually sell for less at auction, even accounting for the 17.

Miles Davis of Wine Asset Managers (which manages two investment funds) said prices are up about 2. Fraud charge for New Zealand wine company Great value Australian Shiraz Wine Travel Ideas California Wine MonthWith the California Wine Institute. Decanter is part of Time Inc. The newest restaurant by Neil Rankin, the Soho meat master behind Temper in the West End. The new restaurant has the same draw.

Premiumisation is a trend that can be expected to continue to define the spirits category in 2016, according to Matthew Clark, with vodka and rum leading the charge. In August to October 2015, Matthew Clark customers were buying an average of four more bottles of vodka per month in comparison to the same period the previous year.

Matthew Clark also saw an increase in rum in the run-up to Christmas, driven predominantly by spiced rum, with customers buying on average an additional 1. In response to this, Matthew Clark released a rum portfolio featuring over 70 rums of all styles from all over the world including Mauritius, Venezuela, Guyana, Cuba and Jamaica.

In fact, the research shows that more women are drinking beer than prosecco. I am expecting to see this trend continuing into 2016.

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New Zealand Pinot Gris is one to watch. Consumers enjoy learning about what works well with food and also see it as an opportunity to trade up on wines without breaking the bank.

Our customers realise that this is the best opportunity to sell more premium wines at a healthy profit. I believe we will continue to see this trend in 2016. Please do take the time to check out the original post which is linked in this article.

makita outlet store locations

Michael has been involved in the hospitality and leisure industries internationally at the highest levels as a chef, an operations director, educator, consultant, finance director, business owner, published writer, board member, company director, serial entrepreneur and investor for over 25 years. Michael is an American adventurer and world traveller, who now lives in London with his wife and children. The small restaurant serves the traditional Vietnamese Pho style food. We have unfinished business here.

This city has a well-known magical influence on Muscovites. Espresso Martini Fest, London Aug 10-12 (DrinkUp. Just like our other festivals, all you need to do is grab a. Wait, that would be too embarrassing going back to.Connect with Facebook - or - Thanks for signing up. Finds Extreme Poverty and Human Rights In an Unexpected Place by Robby Berman Playing Super Mario 64 Increases Brain Health in Adults by Stephen Johnson Scientists Link 2 Genes to Homosexuality in Men by Robby Berman Loading.

That's great, but many of those predictions will be hopelessly wrong by the end of March. That's why it's so fascinating that Ray Kurzweil, one of the leading thinkers when it comes to the future of technology, has had such a strong track record in making predictions about technology for nearly two decades. So how does he do it.

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The fact is, Ray has a system and this system is called the Law of Accelerating Returns. In his new book How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed, Kurzweil points out that "every fundamental measure of information technology follows predictable and exponential trajectories.

Thanks to paradigms such as Moore's Law, which reduces computing power to a problem of how many transistors you can cram on a chip, anyone can intuitively understand why computers are getting exponentially faster and cheaper over time.

The other famous exponential growth curve in our lifetime is the sheer amount of digital information available on the Internet.

Kurzweil typically graphs this as "bits per second transmitted on the Internet. That's why "Big Data" is such a buzzword these days - there's a growing recognition that we're losing track of all the information we're putting up on the Internet, from Facebook status updates, to YouTube videos, to funny meme posts on Tumblr.

In just a decade, we will have created more content than existed for thousands of years in humanity's prior experience. And it's not just computing power or the growth of the Internet. Chapter ten in Kurzweil's latest book, How to Create a Mind, includes 15 other charts that show these exponential growth curves at work. Once any technology becomes an information technology, it becomes subject to the Law of Accelerating Returns.

Consider biomedicine, for example.

Makita Products & Prices in the Philippines in October, 2020

Now that the human genome is being translated into a digital life code of 1's and 0's that can be processed by computers, it's also an information technology, and that means it's also subject to the Law of Accelerating Returns. When you look at the cost of sequencing a human-sized genome, the cost started dropping exponentially around 2001 and fell off the genomic cliff in about 2007 -- about the same time that Craig Venter's genome project took off.

As Ray points out in How to Create a Mind, the reason why typical pundits and prognosticators typically get it wrong year after year is that the human mind has evolved to think linearly, not exponentially. We conceive of 40 steps as a linear progression: one step after another, from 1 to 40. Ray thinks exponentially, though. That's why Ray's latest project - reverse-engineering the human brain - is so exciting.

So what can we count on for 2013. Think like Ray, and use the Law of Accelerating Returns to your advantage. Figure out the scale of the problem that you're facing, figure out the computing power needed to achieve it, and then work backwards to arrive at an approximate timeline.

Using this simple approach, Ray was able to predict that an artificial intelligence technology like Deep Blue would be capable of beating a chess grandmaster by 1998.

He talked to a grandmaster, figured out that an AI machine would have to recognize 100,000 possible board positions at any time, and that it would have to have the raw computing chops to crunch all possible combinations of these 100,000 board positions over and over again.

makita outlet store locations

Once that required computing power was possible (thanks to Moore's Law), it was time to move on to the next challenge -- becoming a Jeopardy. Now, with the victory of Watson, it's time to move on to the next challenge - becoming the world's best doctor.

The really exciting feature of the Law of Accelerating Returns is that it implicity assumes that one exponential technology builds on top of the next exponential technology. Something like 3D printing is an example of one exponential technology building on top of another exponential technology.

In fact, 3D printing may turn out to be the ultimate exponential technology for the coming 12 months, so much so that WIRED's Chris Anderson is betting his reputation on it. So what other areas could be ripe for surprise breakthroughs next year, due to exponential leaps in computing power. Untitled Created with Sketch. Big Think Edge helps organizations by catalyzing conversation around the topics most critical to 21st century business success.